Work and Parents——-Where to find time?

It has been long now that I did not post anything on my blog. I had been very busy for last some days. I had a small break and went home in the the mid of May to visit Bhubaneswar. I stayed there for 1 week. Everybody at home said […]

Exams, Projects, Professionalism and VALUES,ETHICS

Well, I know some of you are disappointed about not writing anything on the blog for a long time. Honestly, I tried to something twice in between but due to some badly screwing work, I could not complete the writings and once I get disturbed from something, I find it […]

What do Friends and Friendship mean……..

Well, this is my first try to write a blog…….Never wrote before about anything as such on anything….. FRIENDS-the word have different meanings for different people.But do we people ever think of before making friends???Todays Generation beleives in friendship with whom you can go for movies, chat and pass time […]