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Eximius at IIM Bangalore

Last Sunday, I visited to participate in “The Art of Elevator Pitch” Panel Discussion at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. The discussion was very informative. Honestly speaking, I did not know what is an Elevator Pitch before I decided to participate in the contest when I received an email from […]

A Competent Leader now

Hey, today marks my completion of all project requirements for certification of “Competent Leadership” by Toastmasters International. I submitted my form to the VP, Education for verification. I have been informed that the necessary procedures will be completed tomorrow and I can expect my first certificate from Toastmasters in 2 […]

a ToastMaster now :-)

Hey folks, whats going on? Congratulations to all those who have admits with them and very best of luck to all those waitlisted folks. I know how it feels being waitlisted. I will definitely be joining you all in the next season. This post is to inform you all about […]