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Googlism on my name…

I tried googlism and here is what I got the result for my name…(Never Mind I have added my comments and additions in red in between) deepak is your love? (Who will answer?)deepak is your love? madonna (That would be great; atleast I can enjoy her wealth as soon she […]

Google Search in Oriya……

Google has added Oriya perspective to its search engine and I felt a post is a great place to spread the message. So, whenever you are taking help from google please usehttp://www.google.com/intl/or/ Please visit this site http://www.google.com/intl/or/;it is Google in Oriya and if the number of hits increases Then they […]

What do Friends and Friendship mean……..

Well, this is my first try to write a blog…….Never wrote before about anything as such on anything….. FRIENDS-the word have different meanings for different people.But do we people ever think of before making friends???Todays Generation beleives in friendship with whom you can go for movies, chat and pass time […]