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Facebook Deals: What does it mean?

Did you hear? Facebook declared its royal entry today with Facebook Deals. What does it mean? At the very outset, it sent warning signals to all heavyweight champion startups like groupon, deals2buy, buy, snapdeals and many more. Lets try to understand why I feel Facebook has a huge potential to […]

Record Holiday Online Sales

US Holidays recorded a record sales in the holidays: a whooping $32.6 bn. It is a great news especially when the economy has been struggling a lot. So, it’s definitely a great news for the business. I visited US in 2207 just after Thanksgiving and during the New Year. I […]

Access Multiple Google Accounts in Google Talk

Here is the trick to do so: 1. Create a shortcut in the desktop. 2. Right Click and Click the Properties. 3.  Go to Shortcut Tab. 4. Edit the Target Column as “C:Program FilesGoogleGoogle Talkgoogletalk.exe” /nomutex instead of the original “C:Program FilesGoogleGoogle Talkgoogletalk.exe” /startmenu. 5. Apply the changes and Save […]