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Nominated for BoB!!!

I was very excited to learn earlier that MBA Dreamz has been nominated by ClearAdmit for a Best of Blogging award! Sorry for the delay as I was bit busy with my office work. While I know that I have not been good at posting regularly last year especially after […]

RIP Prof CK Prahlad

Recently, received the news of sad demise of Prof. CK Prahlad, the marketing and strategy guru of Ross Business School, University of Michigan. He passed away in San Diego few hours back. His theories and learnings were so practical yet influential that he inspired a lot of entrepreneurs around the […]

a ToastMaster now :-)

Hey folks, whats going on? Congratulations to all those who have admits with them and very best of luck to all those waitlisted folks. I know how it feels being waitlisted. I will definitely be joining you all in the next season. This post is to inform you all about […]