Where India is heading?

This post is inspired by my friends. Let me first bring out the scenario of the problem. I was with some of my close friends. As usual, after a lot of freaking and discussing about the latest Rumors of the institute, the discussion of the group went onto the development of the the infrastructure and education in the country.

The basic idea behind their talk is all about why the major development took place in South including the IT boom in cities like Bangalore and rest lagging behind the race way behind. Usually, I stay away from all this stuff as I feel the very opposite of all the notions of almost majority of the people. Well, the discussion goes like this:

India is lagging because when the IT boom was about to happen, the governments of South, especially Karnataka promoted itself in such a way that it is enjoying the benefits to the full extent now. The north could not get involved so much as most of their time get wasted in useless things like POLITICS. The people here in South are vey broad minded and readily accept changes whereas the north indians are very reluctant to changes. The main reason behind any of these things are the attitudes of Indians.”

Very true. Attitude is one of the major problem in all of us. Likewise, Politics, scandals, scams, etc . may be the other contributing factors in all these. But these are the problems. We people, while analyzing the situations and circumstances, point out the problems. Thats the attitude of a typical Indian but who will give the solutions to it, where does the solution lies?

We INDIANS, need to be problem-solvers rather than problem analyzers only. This is where I liked the Movie “Rang de Basanati”. Everybody grudges for the wrong nature of the system, beauracracy, politics and so on. But who is then going to change it? I remember one sentence in the movie where Madhavan goes on to say “Koi nahin aane wala humein bachane ke liye, humhein apne aap hi apne desh ko sudharna hai”. True, its we who need to see the problems in the different perspectives and find the solutions for those. Rome is not built on a day. We have to work together to carry all of us to the next Generation. I accept there are flaws in our systems but we have sto trengthen our strenghts so much that the weaknesses and the flaws will automatically will get supressed.

Here is where I would like to cite the example of Dhirubhai Ambani and Harshad Mehta. Harshad Mehta brought the whole economy to a great downslide for his own benefits and when he died, he was sued for forgery and scam in SENSEX and the whole world went on to say “Acha huya, saala mar gaya. Zinda hota to na jaane aur kitno ke pet pe laat marta”.

On the other hand, if we see Dhirubhai also bent a lot of rules and also controlled the SENSEX a lot, particularly in late 70’s and early 80’s doing the same as Hrashad Mehta did, which will be quite evident if one goes through the building of Reliance. But he did it for the GOOD. He influenced the Politics to generate lakhs of employment and taking the economy to the next generation. I am persoanlly a great fan of Dhirubhai for the way he did business and policy and ethics. But this is not that I am saying because I am a fan of it. Anybody if goes to his village, can know that each and everyone in his village holds shares in Reliance, which he gave them at mere 10 paise or so in those time and these people were able to turn themselves into Lakhpatis and so.

Moreover, if we see then the South has more MNCs and foreign companies rather than indigenious companies or industries. It is in fact, Delhi and Mumbai that has Entrpreneurs and successful Indian companies. In fact, the recent statistics say that Delhi has the largest number of Millionares in India. So, if a very normal guy from Gujrat with no substantial education, can go on to buld the future India and take it to the world by creating the unique brand and one of the most successful business “RELIANCE”, then why we people after being so educative can’t do something similar. Why we people stay away from “VOTING” and then continue cursing the politicians and their policies.?

We, all have a fire inside and this is the time that we ignite ourselves more and more. We need to think what others have not thought of. We need to understand our problems and try to solve them by taking part actively in them. This is where the media has to also play a great role too. In gist, instead of trying to be feel safe, we need to be more RISK-TAKER and a very good DREAMER who can go on to turn his dreams into reality.

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