Ezmcom Partners with Data Wide in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Ezmcom partners with Data Wide to expand in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Ezmcom Inc (EZMCOM) announces a new partnership today: Data Wide (DW), an IT and Information Security firm, has joined the Ezmcom Partner Program. DW will now offer Ezmcom’s complete suite of Multifactor Authentication (MFA/2FA), Risk based adaptive authentication (RBAA), 3D Secure Authentication, Innovative Display Credit and Debit Cards, PKI Digital Signatures and Digital Document Verification solutions and associated services to its clients.

As a partner of Ezmcom, DW will expand its service offering and commitment to excellence in service and support through Ezmcom. DW and its clients will get both the best of breed technology and the best in network solutions—continuing to ensure that their customers get the proper solutions that fit their business needs.

“Partnering with Ezmcom brings our clients the solutions, resources and expertise they need to navigate today’s complex information security landscape through well balanced user convenience”, said Mohammed Omer Farooq, Director for DataWide. “Ezmcom has been innovating its product and service suites to meet market demands and is dedicated to the customer experience; this shared philosophy makes our partnership a natural fit”.

Deepak Panigrahy, Vice President of Ezmcom commented, “We are very excited to welcome DataWide, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s leading Information Security provider, as our partner in KSA and we believe we would bring more happiness to the customers in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia together and help security become the business enabler with our products the customers need and desire, the networks and associated access they require and the service experience they deserve.”


To learn more about Ezmcom’s Partner Program contact us at [email protected]

To learn more about Data Wide, contact the team at [email protected]

About Ezmcom Inc

EZMCOM is a security access provider for innovative and easy-to- use technology that can be deployed to protect users, data, and applications from credential theft, account takeover and breaches. EZMCOM is working with companies worldwide to change the way we authenticate and authorize – across mobile devices, servers, workstations within enterprise and cloud services. With over 60 million end users protected, EZMCOM’s multilayer multi-factor identity protection solution protects online identities, self learns, tunes itself, and converts existing username and passwords into very strong credentials. All of this is done seamlessly, in real time, transparent to end-user. The solution comprises of a multi-layer defense-in-depth stack of Entity User Behavior Authentication (EUBA), Risk based Fusion Biometrics (Face+Voice), Risk Based Adaptive Authentication, Risk Based 3D Secure Authentication (verified by VISA, MasterCard, JCB and AMEX) and a comprehensive suite of strong authentication form factors comprising of Software & Hardware based OTP, eSignature Tokens, Software & Hardware PKI Tokens, Out-of-Band OTP Tokens over Text message | E-mail | Voice | Mobile Push notifications.

The Product is “Common Criteria” Certified and meets all regulations and compliance across the world.

About DataWide

Data Wide is a renowned Information technology company slanted towards delivering restructured IT & Information Security solutions and services to the diversified industry of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Because of Data Wide’s cutting edge services in the field of IT and Information Security; it has covered the entire financial sector of Saudi Arabia securing and maintaining the most sensitive and confidential financial network of trillions of Dollars.

DataWide and Ezmcom would be showcasing their solutions at 3rd Cyber Security Forum 2016 at Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on May 22-23. For details about the conference, visit the conference details at here.

Disclaimer: I work for Ezmcom and manage various aspects from product management to customer success to business.

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