Dream vs Reality. What would you choose?

Dream & Reality
Dream vs Reality

A tough question. Have you ever thought if given an option what would you choose – Dream vs Reality?

Before you could get into decision making mode, let us get deep inside each one of them.


Dream, by definition, is a series of thoughts, images and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep or a cherished aspiration, ambition or ideal. (Ref: Google Search). This is an important aspect at various stages of our lives.

Childhood: As a child, we dream the maximum. This is a stage of our lives where we plan to become everyone whom we see and experience. As a kid, I was also mesmerized with various of characters in my life.

  • My Father: He continues to be my hero. Coming from a very poor background, where he had to sustain his family as early as from Class V, he excelled in studies, struggled through some very tough times to become a reputed doctor.
  • Cricketers, especially Sachin Tendulkar: Hardly anyone in this country would be there, who was born in 1980’s and has not seen a legend born along with him. The day we get a hand to our first bat, that was like we have conquered everything int his world. It was that madness to hit the ball so hard that every ball could go only for a SIX (No doubt, that is the reason we have IPL today).
  • Amitabh Bachchan: With Big B challenges Thakur, usually, Amrish Puri, and goes on to fly and hit hundreds of bad guys in the world, we feel energized and excited to be along with him. Nights and subsequent actions for some days to come would be revolving around them.
  • Govinda and Mithun: The only dancers of our era of childhood. The moves and disco themes of that era was imitated all across till others took the reins from them.

Schooling: Though life rarely changes anything, but one thing keeps adding is the pressure to succeed socially. You might wonder what is this word and what does it mean to be “socially” successful. In Indian culture, socially successful effects the schooling kid in Class X, followed by XII and then Entrance Examinations. Dreaming to get good marks in board exams and getting an admission into IITs is the only thing kids do. Even I went through but I never made into one of those IITs. But later, I added one I to IIT to be part of IIIT and am proud alum of the institute league, without which I would not have been what I am today.

College: College life is good till the dreams for a job with good fat salary is the key. So did I. After having the largest number of offers on day 0, I went on to work at a very reputed firm in an esteemed organization which introduced me to the world of products. Luckily, I worked on very niche segment of security domain. Across time, the aspirations changed and when team grew and work became monotonous, the dream changed and I landed up to work for a startup.


Reality, by definition, is the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them, (Ref: Google Search). Reality is always different from dream and is like the words written in blood. Irrespective of what stage we are in, we can’t escape the reality. And it happened to me, too at every stage of life. Tree can’t grow if the roots cant penetrate well and holds the earth around it tight. Skyliners can’t be constructed without a proper foundation. Similarly, dreams can’t be made into reality without the hard work and it is absolutely foolish to live the dream on others’.

I have made my own mistakes in life and continue to make them now too. But I have learnt from them and learning has not stopped and I hope it never stops. GOD has been kind to show me directions whenever I needed them the most. Dreams are good when they are seen with eyes wide open and not when sleeping. Also, if the driver of the car does not know driving, he should not expect the passengers to drive the car because that would be deadly for all the people in the car.


So, after knowing so much about dream and reality, why so much tussle between them and that also now. Actually, the tussle has always been there; just that the reality empowers the others as we grow and that is exactly what I might be going through. The life of an entrepreneur deals with it daily. On one hand, you cannot give up but at the hand, the reality strikes like the lightning and if the lightning happens in a thunderstorm, then it could be catastrophic. Lightning strikes when it rains and when there is a tornado. The only difference is the effect of lightning inside a tornado is not visible until you are, really inside the tornado and even though it could live for few seconds to minutes but it could multiplier effect compared to a lightning in a normal thunderstorm. The fight of dream and reality could be similar.

The only biggest positive thing of irrespective of who wins is you grow as a person and you get to know others as persons. So, live life and work hard (with a knowledge what could be in your hands) to make your dreams a reality.

If given a chance, what would you choose? I am eager to hear from you, So, please share.

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