02nd July 2012 – The End to The Start

02nd July, 2012 will go into my life as one of the most important day of my life. I resigned from my current company and finally, decided to take the plunge and chase my dream of working for self and be my own boss. I was thinking what would my boss, CEO, would think and how would he act. Surprisingly, he acted very professional and let me go and follow my dream. I learned a lot of things in my current company, which I would definitely pen it down sometime. The good things about today were many. I was relieved of all the speculations of my exit. It was very smooth and I agreed for the complete transition for a month.

Surprisingly, one of other friend and brother, who is also joining and had same kind of perceptions, received very warm welcome from his boss. It was a very good day for us as things started very amicable with our companies and bosses.

Later that day, Mona and I decided to visit Shidhivinayak Temple at Mumbai. It started raining heavily immediately when we sat in the auto and by the time we reached the station, both were almost wet. Till now, little we knew that the worst is yet to be seen. When we reached the Dadar station, the station was flooding with with knee deep water. Let me tell all my readers, flooding water of Mumbai is that of the drain – and wit no shame Mumbai is the dirtiest place I have ever been and lived. It was the first time that we could find any taxi or auto to the temple that evening. We walked to the temple paving our way through heavily water clogged roads.

The moment we reached at the gate of the temple, rain stopped and for the first time in my one year and about 5-6 visits to the temple, this was the first time that we saw GOD so closely and sought his blessings. We also submitted the name of our new company under his feet seeking HIS ALMIGHTY blessings. After coming out, we were casually discussing and we realized probably GOD gave us all his blessings, giving us the direction of our journey from a dream to reality.

We will go through very difficult times just like the severe rains that we encountered today. We have to be patient and remain focus to achieve our dream just like that it was that day only that we wanted to go, visit and seek blessings from GOD at Siddhivinayak temple. Just like we paved our way through those dirty knee deep waters, we have to pave our way through thick and thin times of our startup and dream. Eventually, everything will become clam, serene and beautiful just like the rain stopped when we reached the gate of the temple and finally we will achieve that we wish just like that beautiful awesome darshan at Siddhivinayak temple.

With a dream to chase…with a wish to fulfill…with a journey to remember…with a desire for a fulfilling life, I signed off the day with great enthusiasm and hope.