What is Success?

What is success? Is it money, is it stature or what? Is it power? Is it love? Is it a bird that keeps eluding most of us? Various people has various definitions of life.

For me, living a fruitful life and pursuing something I truly believe in is something would be SUCCESS for me. I am nowhere near to that but I keep inching myself and hence, I thought I would share some tips how to keep inching towards that one mission of life. It is completely a personal view and might not work but I, strongly, feel that having a dream and following it with sincere commitment and passion is the key.

  • Have a WILDY IMPORTANT GOAL and work on it daily.
  • Spend time with people that will be very successful – they say you’re an average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.
  • Find someone near you who makes it big. Please be cautious while finding that someone.
  • Try to find a unique talent, that nobody else has.
  • Start practicing a skill, sport, or talent as early as possible (think Tiger Woods).
  • Network your way to the top. Go to as many events as you can until you meet a critical mass of people.
  • Do a really good job at work and earn the promotions that get you to the top.
  • Work on important projects that nobody else wants to take on (due to fear).
  • Do a good job at promoting yourself and your work. Get noticed by the people that count.
  • Work harder than anyone you know.
  • Work on a lot of things at the same time to gain a lot of different but valuable skills.
  • Work on one thing and learn to do it REALLY REALLY well- better than anyone else.
  • Study and work when everyone else is going out and having fun.
  • Go out and have fun and maintain a happy health attitude that attracts a lot of customers and supporters.
  • Be lucky!
  • Invest in your own venture.
  • Jump from company to company, or startup to startup, until you find the right one.
  • Stay at your company for many years to gain access to its most important work, like many Fortune 500 CEOs.
  • Tell great stories that make people listen to you and your work.
  • Give credit to other people, then they will enjoy working with you and giving you more credit.
  • Once you have achieved your WILDLY IMPORTANT GOAL, find another one.
  • Have a high degree of persistence, live by the motto, “survive and advance” when necessary.
  • Live by the motto, Done is better than perfect. Sometimes you just have to get things done.
  • Sometimes, things need to be done really WELL. Be thorough. Avoid typos and easy mistakes.

There is no guarantee that things will work out but atleast attempts are worth trying than just dreaming. Go and chase your dreams!!!

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