Story over Numbers Series from “The Art of Applying”

Yesterday, I received an email from one of my dearest friends, Kaneisha. Even though I could not maintain this blog for quite some time, especially after moving to a startup in a new role, I could not say NO to Kaneisha ever and hence, found some time out to give a big shout to Kaneisha and her venture, The Art of Applying.
Hey guys! The Art of Applying will be hosting a FREE webinar about its upcoming Story Over Numbers series on Tuesday, December 6th at 1pm CT. They will be sending out a video recording of the webinar to everyone who registers, so be sure to register even if you can’t attend. The Story Over Numbers is a six week program designed especially for applicants whose “numbers” don’t quite fit the profile of their target schools.  The program includes 4 rounds of editing for 4 schools of your choice, essay starter worksheets to help kickstart and structure your essays, a private members-only message board where you can hang out with other applicants, and weekly Q&A phone calls. Story Over Numbers also includes amazing bonus material such as Kaneisha’s Word Count Weight Loss webinar, a free resume video review and lifetime access to the contents of the program. Sign up soon! There is limited seating for both the webinar and the exclusive Story Over Numbers program. You can register for the webinar and join the Story Over Numbers mailing list here.

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