BTG Scholarship & Reliance Fellowship Apps

Gear up, guys the deadlines for both BTG Scholarship and Stanford Reliance Fellowship is today and tomorrow respectively.

I urge you to sincerely apply to both of them (Indians for Reliance Fellowship) because:

  • both of them are awesome and worth giving them a shot.
  • they can give you a head start to your application season.
  • results don’t matter but you might know what could be expected more of you next.
  • they are free.

I applied to BTG scholarship for the first time and Reliance Fellowship for the third time in a row. BTG Scholarship is good for me as I am still trying to figure out whether to re-take GMAT and improve my score. But the answer to that question depends on lot of circumstances such as preparation time, which I am really running nowhere close to it. But with this scholarship, I can better utilize the scholarship, if I get it.

I had no doubt on Reliance Fellowship. Stanford GSB has always remained a dream b-school for me and I will never hesitate to tell about it anywhere. Despite two failed attempts at Reliance Fellowship, I applied again this year. You might ask what different did I do this year?

Firstly, my essays have become far more polished now. I would still say that 250 words is a real restriction to express oneself for the kind of essay that this fellowship asks. I, basically used almost the same essay with which I applied last year but I could still find various ways to personalize it. I hope that the admission committee members like the essay this time around.

Secondly, I feel this is going to make a difference this year around. The resume looked much better with some Entrepreneurship experience also added. Though the initiative is not a major one, but still I feel there is a start finally. I hope that these experiences go a long way to carve the road that I look upon to walk someday in the future. Thanks to Pavithra for some valuable inputs on the resume aspects.

I will try to more frequent with more updates and thought process on the applications for the second time around. Till then, if you have already applied to above two mentioned scholarships. nothing better than that ut in case not, I would recommedn to find some 3-5 hours to try a hand and you never know what surprise might be knocking at your door.

BTG Scholarship Link:

Stanford Reliance Scholarship Application:

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