Prof. Jim on BusinessWeek

Prof. Jim Dean, who is also the Dean of Kenan Flagler Business School, recently spoke about few important things about the school in BusinessWeek. I like Prof. Jim Dean for various reasons: He is very kind and generous, a down to earth person. Reason: he is the only Professor from a business school who follows me on twitter.

My story with Professor Jim started about an year back. When I started following him on twitter, he was very kind enough to follow back soon. He is not only a great dean and professor who shares his views on business, KFBS and academics but also a strong follower of football. I remember reading his tweets right from Soccer World Cup to UNC Football. I had a lot of personal interactions with Professor on twitter, the memories of which I cherish.

Anyways, this post is about his views on Kenan Flagler Business School on BusinessWeek. Every time I read about him and his views, it makes me really excited.

Personally, Kenan Flagler Business School attracted me due to its obvious strengths in leadership, strong focus on VC and PE and not to forget, sustainability. Additionally. professors have been very kind. They respond to emails and appreciate the ground work, if you have done so. Now, these are purely personal experiences and that is why I was an R1 applicant to the school. Last but not the least, try interacting with students and admission staff and I am sure you will feel the warmth that I feel. Hopefully, I  could join this amazing fraternity.

As for now, sit back and enjoy the videos from Professor Jim Dean.

  1. How can MBA Programs stay current:
  2. Does Undergrad institution matter:
  3. What makes Kenan Flagler unique:
  4. How can less than stellar applicant stand out:

People who would like to read more about the Kenan Flagler School can do so at their blog,, also