Kaneisha’s Word Count Weight Loss Program

Kaneisha’s Word Count Weight Loss Program

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I am going to do what no other admissions consultant HAS done and probably ever WILL do. I am going to show you LIVE how I edit my clients’ wordy essays and get them to fit in the word count. Like a magician, I am going to blindly take an essay I have never seen before and edit it down to the appropriate word count.  I will also share easy tips and strategies for writing more concisely and getting rid of the fat in your essays!
Title: Kaneisha’s Word Count Weight Loss Program
Date: Wednesday, November 17, 2010
Time: 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM PST
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What is Live Editing? Well, I take this opportunity to fulfill my long outstanding promise to Kaneisha. Here is a brief summary about my personal encounter with Kaneisha from “The Art of Applying”. She edited one of my essays and I really saw the Magic she claims to have. Please don’t take this post otherwise. I am not writing this post just to show how magical is Kaneisha with her essay editing skills but because I have myself witnessed the MAGIC happening. Yes, you heard it right. She is a true magician.

Two days prior to our scheduled call, she asked my essay that has to be edited. We started with a small chit-chat because even though we had interacted a lot through emails, this was the first time we were talking to each other. She pulled up my essay from her email and what happened after that was a magic.

She opened my essay and started editing it online via skype. Yes, you heard it right. I could witness all the action on skype. She quickly went through the whole essay and began asking me questions wherever she felt there was a logical gap in the flow of the story. Gradually, she filled in the gaps. What amazed me here was not only her editing skills but her eye for details which could fill in the gaps in the thought flow.

Once, we were ready, we decided to fine-tune the contents and form more concrete sentences and making grammatical corrections, wherever appropriate. After every round of edit, she went on to check the word count. And ask, would you like to add something. And trust me, most of time, I was able to add something substantial. Every time she was calm and patient, then take my input, accommodate it and a re-run through the essay. After two such rounds, she was exactly at the exact word count. I was stunned by her intuition.

One thing that you will notice while working with her is: “Hey, don’t worry about the word count. Leave that to me and give me as much details as you can.” Honestly I, too, felt the same. The more details one gives to his reviewers, the more good the essays finally take shape.

So, what are waiting for, go and register yourself for the webinar and see the magician playing her tricks and mesmerize you with her magic live.

I apologize but I will not be available on Wednesday as I am traveling but I am sure you are going to feel the same way as I felt. Good Luck and Enjoy 🙂

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