MBADreamz-10K hits Milestone

Thanks for all the support and assistance. The blog hit the 10K mark since its inception 🙂 🙂 :-). The journey has been very good till now and I hope you enjoyed reading my journey as much as I did in reality.

Thanks for all the readers who have supported me through my good and bad times. MBADreamz is an effort to share the information and my voyage to a B-School and no voyage is joyful and entertaining without enthusiastic people on board like my readers- you all.

A Special thanks to my friends, especially Marquis, who has been with me throughout.

Thanks to all the MBA consultancies-MBAMission, TheArtofApplying, BeattheGMAT, ClearAdmit and featuring my article from time to time and giving me a unique exposure. Thanks Hella, ClearAdmit and BeattheGMAT for thinking me worthy enough to be in your database. It could not have been possible without your support.

I vow to keep on writing, writing my story to a b-school and thereafter also, if at all I make it, which I am definitely hopeful of.

Let this community grow and stay as a closely knitted family just like the alumni of a school stay 🙂

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