MBA Tour, Admission Events: Tips

Are you attending MBA Tour? or I guess you would have already started. In addition to MBA Tour, there are Admission Events that fall into the same league.

I feel most of you are also in the same boat as me. I have already attended quite a few admission events and going to be in the MBA Tour soon. Here are three articles, which I feel you must read if you are going to attend future events.

One will not find it interesting if someone is trying to go to a B-school just for the sake of an “MBA’ but if you are serious about your future and career like me, I feel you must find some time to go through these articles. I am sure, like me, you will notice the mistakes that you have committed in your past events, if you have attended any, and will definiteiyl be much better prepared hereon.

The articles are divided into three parts: Part 1 covers what one should do before the event. Part 2 concentrates on the various aspects that one should take into consideration while he is in the event, interacting with the adcom members. Part 3 elaborates on the what one should do after the event.

Before the Event:

During the Event:

After the Event:

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