Elevator Pitch (contd.)

I am going to keep this post short. This is a follow-up post to my earlier post on Elevator Pitch. I am not going to go into much details. Whatever I echoed in my last post, the articles below do the same but with more proper organization. So, I recommend all of you who would like to go through the below articles if you have interest in Elevator Pitches. For proper categorization, I am going to give the links with the ingredients of an Elevator Pitch.

  1. Personalize: http://articles.bplans.com/writing-a-business-plan/elevator-pitch-part-1-personalize/287
  2. Why you?: http://articles.bplans.com/writing-a-business-plan/elevator-pitch-part-2-why-you/289
  3. What you offer?: http://articles.bplans.com/writing-a-business-plan/elevator-pitch-part-3-what-you-offer-2/292
  4. Finish Strong: http://articles.bplans.com/writing-a-business-plan/elevator-pitch-part-4-finish-strong/294
  5. Delivery: http://articles.bplans.com/business/elevator-pitch-part-5-delivery/295

Additionally, I will recommend one more video from youtube which I followed when I was attempting my Elevator Pitch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0EWScOXFpA

Finally, if you already have a solid business plan or you are already in business and looking to expand, here is a great opportunity for you. British Airways brings to you Face of Opportunity Contest, an amazing platform to present your pitch and then fly to meet potential investors to raise funds. More Details at http://www.faceofopportunity.com/home?cid=p1core-tbx02.f.1800/ae2a9/2fd/7b265974.e731bb9db9e33a47862f912028e5a10d

So, what are you waiting for? Go and make your pitch right away.

And of course, I still miss you AC!!!

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