Free B-School Essay workshops

Yes, its all free and its coming. Thanks to David Park, CEO, BeatTheGMAT, for passing that valuable piece of information. I will be there for four of my choices out of 9. What are you waiting for: Go and Register yourself at In David’s words from the email:

“We just announced the free workshops tonight.  Over the next 4 weeks, we’re going to have 9 sessions where an admissions consultant walks through every single essay from the top b-schools. Each of the 9 sessions will be devoted to a single school – the HBS session is next week.”

Honestly, I have been reading some of the experts comments and views for an year now and I, strongly, recommend all of you to make full use of this amazing opportunity. Good Luck!!! and see you there at some of the sessions. I have already registered.

Between, I am happy that my last post on Dating at Harvard has generated so much interest in the community. In fact, the post is the most active one as of now. Will I join HBS? Only Time will tell 🙂

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