Letter of Recommendation – Waive of Right

Recently, when I was about to send the links to my recommenders, I observed a peculiar question. I never heard of this right earlier. The right says,

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, enrolled students have access to their education record, including letters of recommendation. However, students may waive their right to see letters of evaluation, in which case the letters will be held in confidence.

And The question is:

Do you wish to waive your right to examine this letter of recommendation?

What am I supposed to do? I did some online search and then thought about it. Both sides have equivalent pros and cons. But let us consider from scratch. How do you choose your recommenders and why do you choose them only? You might think that the question is irrelevant here. At first instance, even I felt so but then on a little thought, I realized that the most prominent reason of opting for a certain recommender is the trust and belief that he knows me well and he is going to project my candidacy in the best possible way possible. So, why not then give him/her a complete free hand and provide him/her the details he asks for when needed. I feel not waiving this right, might put a doubt on the trust you have on your recommenders and trust me when I say that when people start thinking, then the weight could fall in any direction. It may be possible the doubt can jeopardize your chances because a distraction is a distraction no matter what.

On the other hand, you might never know what your recommender wrote about you unless of course, he chooses to share the essays before/after submission.

Hence, it is not less than a CATCH 22 situation but still somehow I feel waving this right gives my recommenders to think openly and freely and therefore, I opted to waive my right.

What is your take on this? Do share your views for the benefit of the community and all other aspirants.

Some of the links that I found useful in this regard are:



And yes, with this my application process has begun, Wish me Luck 🙂

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