Review of ClearAdmit HBS Guide

Sometime back, I won a ClearAdmit HBS guide on twitter contest. I did win again the Haas Guide too but ClearAdmit did not give the guide to me as I had already won :-(. Not Fair. Anyways, here is my take on the guide:

  1. An Amazing resource, no doubt.
  2. All information about HBS in 36 page guide-almost like an encyclopedia in one pocketbook.
  3. Very well organized. Once read, you need not have to take much time to find the information.
  4. Chapter 1 : Introduction to Harvard highlights HBS history with focus on MBA history in the USA and the role HBS played in shaping it. An Excellent Timeline comparison on MBA History comparison to HBS is followed by very detailed description of the demographic distribution of students in HBS.
  5. Chapter 2: Academic Programs stresses on the Academic Curriculum with the a very detailed analysis of the RCc and ECs. It is followed by student body, grading system policy and faculties of HBS.
  6. Chapter 3: Special Programs concentrates on special programs of HBS such as SEI, EI, HI and the Global Initiatives.
  7. Chapter 4: Life at Harvard is one of the most interesting read as I felt to be literally being in HBS organizing events and living a fruitful life at Boston.
  8. Chapter 5: Life after Harvard concentrates on the career aspects and the massive role that the school plays in shaping the future of the students.
  9. Chapter 6: Admissions concentrates on the admission aspects of HBS. The facts are basically the same but the earlier chapters add so much value to this chapter that one gets a feel of why such essay questions are asked at HBS.
  10. Chapter 7: Further Resources ends the book with further information on key persons related to admissions at HBS.

Overall, I feel it is one of the best resource guide for any applicant applying to HBS and saves a lot of your time that otherwise one would have spent researching the school. Thanks a ton, ClearAdmit for such a wonderful guide to my dream school.