Farewell to Yogesh!!!

Yogesh is one of the friends I made in my life. A very dynamic and full of life guy who just happened to fall in the ditch without knowing how bad this rat race is and how rotten the rats are. I came in contact with him while looking out for sitcoms, It started with Big Bang to Prison Break and many more. Gradually, we realized we have so many common things amongst us and that tied us together. Though almost 4 years younger to me, I never felt that I am elder in his company. Today, he is leaving for his MS at Rudgers University. Even though he had attempted GRE twice earlier, I pushed him so hard for the third time that he attributes some part of his dream coming true to me. I don’t know whether I deserve so much from him but yes, definitely I can say that I can understand people and whom I like, develop very strong bonding with me. I almost came to tears when I chatted and talked to him today for the last time as he is preparing to leave India. Wish you Very Good Luck, Yogesh and may GOD give you the strength to pursue your dreams with full throttle. I don’t know about others but I am going to miss you a lot and it is never going to be the same way to the Pantry/Restroom anymore.

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