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I attended ISB Information Session today at Bangalore. The event was at 3 pm in ITC Windsor Hotel, Bangalore. I was along with two friends, all of us reached 20 min late as we kept on roaming around the area looking out for the venue.

Quick De-brief and thoughts:

  1. ISB is definitely great. One cannot get the niche field career prospects like VC/PE or alike. As such, India is not so good on all such areas and we need time to catch up on all this. So, I hope to get armored at ISB to jump and contribute to the niche areas.
  2. ISB is an amazing place for career switchers: 1 yr course and choose general specializations like finance, entrepreneurship, etc.
  3. ISB is a PGP program and is well recognized globally.
  4. I feel what I like the most with ISB is YLP. It is an amazing initiative, especially for people like me with great aspirations. (YLP is Young Leadership Program where companies like HSBC targets specific individuals to groom them accordingly for its leadership role). YLP is a completely recruitment initiative though I, personally, feel that it would have done wonders had it been part of curriculum.
  5. Close to 40% people have IT background and they end up choosing some other career as the outgoing IT share is close to 17%, if I remember correctly.
  6. Retail and Healthcare are two industries that is gaining momentum in placement segment.
  7. GMAT range has been 600-780. So, do apply.
  8. Nice Electives are available and so does Exchange Programs. Check the website for details.
  9. For choosing electives, you are given 4000 points, you choose your electives and bid accordingly. Electives are bidden for your points.
  10. Companies like Google and MS are favorites of ISB for Product Managers and so does BCG and McKinsey for Consultants. Majority of the people choose consultancy as their careers.
  11. Choose your 2 recommender from your workplace, preferably.
  12. 20% of the class in re-applicants – a stunning figure but it clearly shows that ISB values re-applicants.
  13. Placement Season begins with international placements in October and Domestic from Jan. Now, here is what is a big question mark: one starts his season in April and then placement in October. How well can one justify his interest and company with his own capability and aspirations. Personally, I feel it is a big deal especially when goes to ISB not prepared what he/she wants to do with his MBA. So, have strong goals and be focussed. Do your ground study, build your basics before you start attending the classes at ISB.
  14. Special Case 1: A lady gynecologist doctor chose to do her MBA at the age of 52. So age no bar. Amazing excpetional case.
  15. Special Case 2: If I remember correctly, the guy name was Shankar. Topper of ISB batch, 2nd rank IIT-JEEcame to ISB with 9+ yrs of experience. McKinsey offered him Manager+ role with a package of 32L+ INR. He choose to start as an associate. Today he is earning in crores. Now, why I like this example is that one choose to learn over money and trust me, I feel long term goal is what matters the most.
  16. Average Salary package for 80% people is 12L-22L. Now, I am pretty close to this range but then I feel MBA will make the difference because I know I can make the difference with an MBA. I definitely don’t mean in the salary rather the difference that I am talking about can only be seen in long term.
  17. Yeah Beer Parties on Thursday and Friday. Lets go party every week, is the motto inside the campus. I feel that it should be that way. Work hard and party harder.

Overall, I feel ISB, ranked 12th globally by FT, is a great place if someone like me who has entrepreneurial pursuits and want to stay in India making decent money and doing what I am good at. So, my plan for ISB. I will be applying for R2. I have a very close friend, passing out from ISB in the past. Meanwhile, I am going to visit ISB next month. Go and stay in the campus for one day and night and feel the experience. I have yet another trump card for ISB, which I will disclose later sometime.

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