Articles and Some Updates

This post is primarily to pass two great articles I came across recently. Sorry guys for keeping the posts short now a days but I am really struggling very hard to keep the ends meet and going. Applying to a B-School is not a game, trust me on that. You got to do your job right: Researching Schools, talking to your recommender and convincing him/her, networking, attending webinars, preparing for GMAT, keep your passions and interests going and writing essays. All this on the top of your day job. Its definitely not a joke and I understand that completely now. Okay, the articles first:

  1. This article discusses the importance of Work Experience and GMAT/GPA with respective to B-School and applicants’ perspective. The article is short and worth reading. As per the author, the bottom line is: “students excelling in the program do not necessarily have tremendous work experience, but they do express commitment to the program, willingness to learn and the desire to succeed” – MUST REMEMBER ALWAYS, my personal take.
  2. This article is a audio podcast at Stanford GSB (I did not have to repeat myself how Stanford GSB is close to my heart; Readers who have been reading my blog might have already known that) and is directed at addressing Visa Formalities to work in USA, especially if you, like me, are keen to work in a start-up after your MBA. Again, a MUST for all INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS.

Okay, now personal updates:

  1. My Senior Director visiting schedule is confirmed now and I am all set to take my GMAT date in a day or two. Will definitely wind it up in coming 15-20 days time period.
  2. I talked to my Supervisor for his recommendation yesterday and as expected, he is very supportive and somehow, I feel he has a lot of confidence on me on my candidature. Thanks MH. Additionally, he appreciated my top 4 school choices and as already an MBA from a top B-School of USA, appreciated my top choices of b-schools as he felt the schools are perfectly in alignment with my post MBA goals and career aspirations. In fact, he felt that they are the perfect match. So, I guess I am in the right path. It did not surprise me when he mentioned that somehow he felt this coming from me sometime and honestly, this is one guy I have admired and looked forward very passionately in my firm. I feel really luck to have worked under him. I am going to talk to my second recommender this week and close the deal by the end of this week with a peer recommendation too.
  3. I have started with my b-school essays. As I finish my first one, I felt I am finding it difficult to trim my essays to the word-limit and hence, decided to approach my father and a friend to help in the process. Of course, they are my sole choice of reviewers also. I feel that probably I am getting a little bit biased while trimming the essays because it is my story.

Do tell me guys, whats going on with you too. Lets enjoy this wonderful journey and hopefully, all of us will have our dreams come true 🙂

PS: I feel going forward, I will have more frequent but short updates and sometimes, elaborate on requests and time. I hope all of you understand the need of the hour. Additionally, I am updating my ABOUT page to setup few ground rules on that type of questions I will not answer till I get an admit, probably. So, please try to refrain yourselves from such questions.

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