Apple’s “Antennagate”

I am going to keep this post very short. All of you must have heard about the Antenna problems being reported in the latest iPhone4. Apple held a press conference on this on July 16 and my favorite charismatic CEO, Steve Jobs led the way. Well, I am not posting this post for the sake of the nitty-gritty of the Iphone4 rather about the presentation style of Steve Jobs. Watch him how he uses certain things many times (We Love our users; Nobody is Perfect, SmartPhones are not Perfect). Ia m not sure how many of you watch or observe presentations. People who stress a singly point numerous times becomes their selling point. Its in human psychology: Practice makes a man Perfect. Similarly, when we hear same thing again and again, either two things can happen depending on your personality: people will take you very seriously or will completely neglect you. The personality here in our case is Steve Jobs and you know the effect. Watch any of Steve Jobs’s presentations and you will notice what I am trying to convey. For the time being, here are the videos of the latest press conference.

Personally, if you feel you are heading in the direction where Steve Jobs is today, certain charisma that Steve Jobs brings to the presentations is commendable and is worth try to imbibe in your won styles.

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