De-Brief of Kaneisa’s webinar

As mentioned to you earlier, I attended the webinar of Kaneisha on July 8.  I did logged in bit late. It was 5.30 am Indian Standard Time and I am not a kind of early morning bird but still managed to get in 10 min late. The webinar was very informative and as expected, Kaneisha was at her best. Here are my quick few takes from the webinar:

About Kaneisha:

  1. Seems to be an amazing girl: very good at speaking. I exchanged few emails with her and she is just terrific. I, highly, recommend her and her style.
  2. Seems to have complete control and knowledge of the MBA application process: was visible from her preparation of the webinar and approach.
  3. An interesting person to me with a helping nature, similar to what I found in my friendship with Marquis.

About the webinar:

  1. Very well planned.
  2. Very well organized.
  3. Nice usage of color and theme of presentation, considering this is her first webinar, though I am sure she would have done numerous such presentations in HBS. perfect start.

Some take-aways from the webinar:

  1. Don’t dwell upon GMAT too much. she mentioned how one of her client got admitted to Kellogg despite a score of 640.
  2. Concentrate on your essay and always bring the best of yourself in your essays.
  3. See if you can get some alumni to review your essay, if possible.
  4. Networking is the key. I, too, feel the same but sometimes take networking to another level because that’s where it gets interesting.
  5. If you have done 3 attempts to the GMAT and did not get your desired score, either work hard on your essays or move on to GRE.
  6. A special webinar for Indian MBAs in planning. Visit for details. Will highly recommend for all my Indian Readers. Do go and register for this special webinar by Kaneisha right-away.
  7. Kaneisha announced two packages: individual, where she is going to work on the essays on individual basis and guide the clients thorugh each process, and a group-based, where she is going to address the concerns in a group. Kaneisha has still not updated her payment mechanisms right on her website but one can look forward to her packages at The group program details are at
  8. No matter whether you are from traditional or non-traditional background, believe in yourself and your stories in your essays.
  9. Last but most important, irrespective of any webinar, always be look out for information. I got one amazing information for my HBS essay, will keep it a secret for my essay. but again this is one of my take-away from the webinar.

Contact Kaniesha at or follow her on twitter at

Good Luck Kaniesha for your venture. I feel it was a perfect start and I look forward to interact with you more in future.

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