Upcoming Webinar: B-School Despite the Odds by Kaneisha Grayson

Hi Guys, Recently, I received a promotion offer through a forwarded email from my friend, Marquis Parker. People who have been reading my blog for sometime do know Marquis Parker and his blog. In fact, anyone serious about his MBA would have definitely heard him at some moment of time. Anyways, this post is all about an upcoming Webinar on “B-School Despite Odds” by Kaneisha Grayson. Kaneisha is a 2010 graduate of Harvard Business School and has jumped into her Entrepreneurial pursuits after winning $10K grant from Harvard Business School Rock Center for Entrepreneurship. You can find details about her here and you can also follow her at twitter too. The webinar details are at this page. I am going to attend this webinar and I would strongly recommend everyone reading this post. Do refer my name or blog when you choose to register (would help me build my reputation, you know :-)).

Timing of the Webinar: Thursday, July-08-2010, 5.15 PM PST

Register for the event at http://theartofapplying.com/2010/07/b-school-odds-webinar/

I will definitely be posting a debrief about the webinar later. Watch out for it.

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