Season starts hard way

Yeah, I did not get through the Reliance Fellowship but never mind, I am still gonna apply because deep in my heart, I know how I feel about Stanford GSB. I could still not forget the time when I was working on the roads o f the university in 2008 without a slightest hint that I will be pursuing Stanford so hard in future. Anyways, GMAT is down the line this month. It is going to be my final attempt and irrespective of the score, I am going to apply to my schools.

The application decision window said:


Thank you for submitting your application for the Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship. It is gratifying to see your interest in earning an MBA from Stanford and contributing your talents to the future of India.

We regret that we cannot invite you to continue as a finalist in the program.

We reviewed all applications on the basis of merit, commitment to India, and financial need. The number of qualified applicants far exceeds the number of Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship finalists we can name.

You still may submit an application to the Stanford MBA Program. The criteria used to evaluate applicants during the first stage of the fellowship process are not the same as the criteria for admission to the Stanford MBA Program. If you choose to apply to the Stanford MBA Program, you will receive the same consideration as all other applicants, without regard to the fact that you applied for the Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship. Stanford likely will offer admission to a number of Indian students who applied but, for various reasons, were not eligible for the Fellowship; need-based financial aid is available to all candidates admitted to Stanford.

The application for the Stanford MBA Class of 2013 is available Please visit to learn more about the admission process.

We are sorry that we could not bring you better news regarding your Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship application. We hope you will learn more about the Stanford Graduate School of Business and that you will apply to join the MBA Class of 2013.


Stanford MBA Admissions Office
Reliance Industries, Ltd.


If I have to re-evaluate my application, the only thing that I see as an obstacle to my candidature is my well-paid job at an MNC. No doubt, it is comparable to some of the fresh graduates of IIMs. Not a problem, but atleast Stanford should have mentioned the criteria for rejection to be the financial need. Now, I am in a fix whether I missed anything in my essay. So, terrible confused feeling. Anyways, good thing is that I am still eligible for financial aid in case I get an admit from Stanford GSB, which I feel I will.

Keeping fingers crossed. I have started working on my GSB essays, in fact. The resume is kind of ready after various round of reviews from friends. I have asked my friend, Marquis Parker, to have a blog post as how an IT applicant can prepare resume for MBA applicantions. His insights into my resume was very thoughtful and of great help in getting the 1-page that I see today. So, do look out for his upcoming post. I will definitely write about it here whenever the post is up.

Lastly, Imy few words to Stanford GSB: Look out for my essays and let us talk because this is the only way you can know me and I am sure you are going to love me more than in fact I love you.

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