A Competent Leader now

Hey, today marks my completion of all project requirements for certification of “Competent Leadership” by Toastmasters International. I submitted my form to the VP, Education for verification. I have been informed that the necessary procedures will be completed tomorrow and I can expect my first certificate from Toastmasters in 2 weeks. I set the record for the completion of CL in a record span of 4 months.

I will definitely post the picture of the certificate when I receive it. People say it is a very nice certificate. Now, I am eagerly waiting for my certificate.

Additionally, I have, also, completed 5 of the required 10 Projects to be a Competent Communicator. I am going to quicken the CC process  now and I have next 2-3 months in my mind for its completion time. I am, also, going to attend the “Toastmasters Officers Training” on July 11. I am really excited about the training because I have heard a lot about it. So, really looking forward to some real action in coming weeks.

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