Shout-Out for Marquis Parker

This post is going to be a special shout-out for my friend, Marquis Parker. He is a Stanford GSB Alumnnus and a great free-lancer counselor for MBA Aspirants. Though he needs no introduction to the MBA Community, but recently we observed that his blog name has been removed from hella‘s database. As I have immensely gained from his personal insights into various aspects of an MBA applicant and other various aspects of life, I, strongly, recommend his website for anyone who is seriously looking for any kind of guidance. Additionally, you are free to consult him for your own personal concerns and queries. As you browse through his entries, you will amazed by the sheer interest of a guy to come out of his own personal zones to consult and give you tips. In fact, in my opinion, this blog is a must for anyone who aspires to study in Stanford GSB. People who trust their own goals and confident of being able to represent in their essays, will find the blog a great resource: a boxful of gems and treasures at a very nominal cost. Do read his insights and I can tell you that my personal feeling about my fit to Stanford GSB just grew stronger and stronger as I browsed through the posts. Its worth it. Trust me !!!

A Special request to Hella to include Marquis’s blog into the MBA Alumni database again.

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