Reliance Stanford Fellowship Application Submitted

Well, whats up guys? One thing that amuses me is even though I get a very good amount of traffic to my blog, I, hardly, see any comments and feedback. Not a good habit, I tell you. Your comments and feedback are my enthusiasm and inspiration. I hope you guys are going to comment more often and interact more. Additionally, this could one of the best platforms for interaction and share thoughts and interests much before we join our classes. You never know some of us might meet in the schools and may share the same room next year. Isn’t it so? So, lets be friends from now only.

Okay, this post is going to be Reliance Fellowship application specific. I know the deadline was on June 1st. Though I planned to write this post, I could not. I am writing this post up above the sky at 32K ft, flying back home for 2 weeks. Past one week has been crazy at office. Before I begin, there is an interesting observation. I have seen my friends, particularly, Sidin – author of the book Dork and Marquis – no need of mention of this name, mentioning about their writings on the flight. I am not sure about them but I kind of feeling a bit awkward but at the same time happy being the center of attraction. Not sure how people perceive it abroad, we, Indians, are kind of bound by society. I find ourselves always looking to someone for inspiration. We are hesitant to take a lonely and deserted road. We love to be in a herd. Hence, when a laptop is open on a flight, peeps from behind, sidewise is a very nice scene. Personally, I am enjoying the attention. When some does not like to be the cynosure, I am kind of a quite opposite personality. I will not talk about the office and will jump to the application and its essay directly.

First, there was no drastic change in the application formats. It is the very same that we had last year. I know this because I am a re-applicant to this fellowship application. The essay is same with the same 250 words limit and preferably one page resume.

Coming to the most important part, you might like to look into my post for my perspectives that I posted earlier. What I did different this time? Nothing much but tried to ask myself at each line – what is the relevance of “this” sentence at this place. Does it add some value or it is just another sentence which if I strike out, the effect is still intact. Analyzing each and every sentence in this manner gave a fresh new look to the essay. This time, I decided to connect the essay with my career aspiration, which in turn could reshape India. Kind of dedicated the first three paragraphs to my career and aspiration and how could it help in shape the future of India. Lest one last paragraph to tell how an MBA from Stanford could prepare me to run on that track I mentioned earlier. I sent the essay to some of my friends and the feedbacks were amazing especially with the feeling. I guess I understood the importance of being “personal”. The learning that I take forward is that even though we might have similar career aspirations but it is our experience and feelings that will make that common goal an unexceptional experience for the reader. So, my suggestion Is to go blank and pour your feelings as they come while writing any essay. Another important outcome of this essay is I came very close to my career goal essay and with little modification; I should be ready with the carer goal essay.

Do also read through my perceptions about writing the essay that I wrote last year while writing the same say. The post got special mention in the blog of Accepted that time discussing the introspection.

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