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Yes Guys, I did attend the Wharton Information Session this Wednesday at Bangalore. The information was awesome. Kathryn Bezella, Senior Associate Director of Wharton, was really impressive. I loved her way of presentation. Fortunately enough, we had 2 current students: Pushkar and Vaibhav and one alumnus: Anjali Gupta at the session too. I interacted with all of them but most importantly, I was impressed with Anjali. She was honest in her suggestions. Her answer to my one question made me her fan. I asked her, why did you apply to Wharton when you were considering to do your MBA. She replied that she was sure in her mind that if she had to do an MBA, it has to be in the top 5. Now, generally we find lot of answers to this questions but the manner she replied, I was floored by her truth. She did share her business card with me and I will definitely contact her in case I manage to grab my dream. Let me tell you one thing: I did googled about her and read a lot about her just from a single business card and she is just awesome: Wharton Dean’s Merit List, an Entrepreneur from heart and mind before she stepped into a business school too.

At one moment, I thought of including Wharton in my list. But the reality is I am from India and I can’t afford such a costly affair in addition to what I intend to spend. These are few of my observations and views that I perceived from the Session:

  1. Wharton gives a lot of weightage to Academic Record, which may include your GMAT score too.
  2. Wharton’s WEP is one of the best: Will highly recommend googling about it in case someone is planning to apply. Everyone does not stop praising WEP in the session.
  3. Proximity to Wall Street makes Wall Street a hot destination for Wharton Graduates.
  4. T-Group or something similar group is formed in the first t=year of coursework and people generally end up making best friends from this team. Amazing Diversity and team building.
  5. One-third of the coursework is Case Study based, one-third in Lectures and another third in the form of Experience Learning.
  6. Leadership Lecture Series every week is one of the biggest source of attraction for students and alumni (as shared by all Vaibhav, Anajali and Pushkar).
  7. Kathhryn did mention that an application go through 3 rounds of reading before the committee decides to give an interview. Additionally, after the interviewer feedback, another 2 rounds of reading is done before the final decision is made.
  8. One thing that concerned me was: All 3 of them: Anjali, Pushkar and Vaibhav were working in USA when they applied and I don’t remember but one of the current students, Vaibhav/Pushkar, seems to be from USA as he has done his BS from University of Berkeley.

Overall, I am impressed with Wharton but can’t consider it due to time and other factors like I have already 4 biggies in my list and I can’t afford to go for another one. Before I end, the one thing that surprised me was that I saw a lot of people asking Anjali and others to review their application essays. Boss, only people who know you can help you in reviewing your essay. Only those people can give honest feedback on your essays. I found it very silly and immature. In my opinion, one must not forget professionalism and attitude at any cost. One can score very high in GMAT but let me tell you, no b-school in this world can teach you this basics.

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