Haas revamps its MBA curriculum

Well, let me tell you why Haas before I go further. University of California, Berkeley was one of the best moment of my life. I visited Berkeley Campus during my official HQ trip to USA in the Bay Area. The campus visit was one of my memorable ones. Though it was a holiday and I did not find any students int he campus but the visit and 5 hrs at Berkeley campus was enough for me to be part of the b-school when I decided to go for my MBA. Yes, I am going to compete for the Haas Business School with all my power.

Now that you know Haas is one of prospective B-School, I was thrilled and excited when I heard about the news of Haas revamping its MBA curriculum. Anyone aspiring for Haas might know that the school defines innovative leaders as individuals who drive growth by putting new ideas into action in every corner and every function of their organizations, and who do so responsibly. The differentiaiting factor of Haas is Berkeley Innovative Leader Development (BILD) and it seems that it runs through the breadth, height and length of the amazing years of MBA at Haas. oNe interesting excerpt from the article was:

As part of the strategic planning process, the school codified its culture into four defining principles:

— Question the Status Quo: Being able to envision a different reality, to take intelligent risks, and to learn from failure, as well as having the courage to speak our minds.

— Confidence without Attitude: Being able to make decisions based on facts and analysis, giving us the confidence to act without arrogance, leading through trust and collaboration.

— Students Always: Having a mindset of curiosity and lifelong learning, seeking personal growth, and practicing behavior that tells others we can learn from them.

— Beyond Yourself: Considering the long-term impact of our actions and the facility for putting larger interests above our own.

These four defining principles will be used in the selection process of MBA students, as well as be integrated into the curriculum in various ways. “These principles have always been the Haas heartbeat, but we have never articulated them until now and have never used them so deliberately to shape our students and graduates,” said Dean Lyons.

Few questions that immediately came to my mind was whether there will be some serious changes in the application essays this year considering the fact that the curriculum has changed. But never mind, I am sure people like me who are genuinely interested in Haas will be able to pull it through. So, keeping my fingers crossed and awaiting the Haas application eagerly.

Source: Forbes Article on Haas

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