Elected to Secretary of TM

Oh Yeaah!!! Last week, I successfully ran for the post of secretary to the Central Committee of the Toastmaster Club of our company at Bangalore. I will be taking the charge from the current secretary on 1st June for a period of 6 months. I am really excited and thrilled and looking forward to my tenure eagerly. One of the few things that surprised me was my popularity. I never knew that after I successfully started the shadow club of my company at my own building and increased the membership from 1 to 10 in a span of 1 month, I could become a NAME among the people of other buildings too. I take this opportunity to thank each and everyone who came forward and helped me through all this. I feel proud of my achievement especially when I am just 2 months old in the TM and have finished two Project levels till date and going to attempt my third one next week. These small things make this election so special to me.

On the other side, GMAT preparation is on its way and going forward, it is going to be purely exam mode from this month. Building the patience for 4 hrs of exam is going to be the key this time. There is one another surprise in bag but I would like to keep it secret till it is revealed. So keep guessing. And yes, ClearAdmit BoB results are due this week. I guess it is 4th May.  Best of Luck to All the nominees (including me ;-)).

From the Reliance-Stanford Fellowship Application side, I finished up filling up the basic information on the website and have started working on my resume. I am also brainstorming how differently I can put the things that I mentioned or missed in my last year application. Honestly, if you would ask me, the admit to Stanford GSB matters to me the most than this fellowship. It does not matter if I get this fellowship but it will  matter a lot if I don’t get an admit at the end of the year. So, keeping my luck and fingers crossed for the bigger battle ahead.

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