Reliance-Standford Fellowship 2010

Yes guys, Reliance-Stanford Fellowship application is back for the 2010 season. The deadline remains same as last year except the year changes to 2010 🙂

You can find details here and about what I am going to do is this:

I remember giving a detailed insight into the last year’s application here (The post featured in blog too). I am going to re-look into that aspect and also probably give a different perspective to the essay. The challenge of the essay still remains intact with the 250-word limit. I have already forwarded the last year’s essay to one of my friend and also to my father and asked for their honest and critical feedback.

I will be updating the details soon once I figure out how differently am I going to present myself. There is no doubt that I have more substance in my profile compared to the last year. For now, all Indians lets get going who dream of getting into Stanford without the headache of loan or any strings. Just keep INDIA in your heart and good Luck!!!

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