Whats New?

You guys might be thinking what happened to me.


Next, the last time I said I was about to take my GMAT. Unfortunately, it did not go so well and I crashed it.  But don’t worry not given up yet. I will taking the exam again soon.

But there have been some interesting developments in the personal front too.

1. Became a full-time Actor in India’s one and only Interactive theatre group, Bangalore-based “Yours Truly”. A long time passion for acting is back in action but in a very different fashion. The events have made my weekends really very very energetic.

2. Soon going to take responsibilities as Show Manager too and I hope I am going to learn a lot from the above because it is just not theatre but facing the audience and performing on a situation thrown by the audience on the spot. Sounds Exciting? right!!! Correct. I guess the real “TEAM WORK”, “LEADERSHIP” and all those blah blah qualities are being tested here in real time and I could feel that happening right at the stage while performing.

3. Started my old passion “GYM” again. Muscles have started showing up again 😉

4, Became a full-time member of the an NGO, MAD (Make A Difference) and successfully initiated the campaign to spread the word across the company, resulting in enrolling up 100 employees and successfully raised 100 INR per month per person for the education of underprivileged and orphaned kids. Great naa!!! Such feelings only make me feel that we are more to someone than ourselves alone.

Okay guys, a very good luck for all the guys out there who are applying this year because I am going back to my GMAT now and I promise to see you all in the next admission season with full throttle.

Before logging off, a big shout to my friend, Marquis Parker, who moved his site to a personal hosted site with paid membership model. Good Luck, Marquis and thanks from some of us whom you considered worthy enough for an exclusive membership for our contributions to your website !!!