The D-Day is knocking at the Door …

Yes, you heard it right. The D-Day is on Sunday and it has started knocking on  my door. I could hear it tapping at the door. The sound is clear and I am soon going to face the other side of the door for the second time in one year. I know that this time I am better prepared than last time but honestly, I could not yet see the magical figure that everyone sees before opening the door.

SUNDAY is the meeting day. Sunday, 23rd August, is a very auspicious day with Ganesh Chathurthi and as a follower of Lord Ganesha, I have truly submitted myself to HIM. I have done my hard work and I am confident that with a bit of luck, I will be definite;y be able to cross the magical mark across the door and I could see some light in my life across the door. This is very important, especially considering the crucial juncture I am in currently.

So, Om Ganeshaye Namah !!! Be with me my LORD !!! I need you and I seek your blessings and support to remove this darkness from my life.

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