The Battle Begins

As I enter the month of August, my efforts to my dream is going to put for test. The next 6-7 months can really make or break my future and career. GOD also now knows how badly I have been pursuing this for a long time now an how badly I need it to et back on the tracks of life.

Month of July gave me a good news: I was promoted in  my current company and it has been the fastest among all my co-joinees. It was good but at the same time it was frustrating too. It took almost months to get it through. The process started way back in Febrauaru and with so many hassles and go-arounds, the promotion proposal got approved in Mid-July with “WELL-DESERVED” tag. It really made me sick. the point here is: I have seen people complaining about the Indian government processes but if a MNC private company does the same, then the problem is definitely is in the the way the people think and they act. Well, I am not here to complain here but the whole system needs cleansing.

As I enter August, I am looking forward to the coming 607 months to bring a major change of my life, which I need desperately and I am optimistic that such a change is going to embrace me soon. I am working hard for it and now, its the showtime.

Wish me LUCK, GOD !

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