“Reliance Fellowship” Ding !

Well, even though it was not the first official ding, but I will consider this to be one. I not only gave a lot of time and energy to it but also put a lot of hear into it. As per the application criteria, I doubt there could be any other reason other than “financial need” that would have ditched me here.

Anyways, learning experience is always good and I got a good insight as how much time and effort will be needed in the b-school essays if I have get my heart and soul out there to the admission committee.

Reliance Fellowship “Ding” does not deter me in applying to Stanford because Stanford is my first priority as I feel a strong connection with this school. The only way this fellowship could have made an impact is the “cost of study” tension but I am always prepared for a 50L INR loan the moment I decided to go for my MBA because MBA is something which I need and that could give some direction to my currently lost life. So, lets hope for the best and let me get my hands to the GMAT within a month now. The fight begins and the stage is set. The war is ON and I am keeping my fingers crossed for a positive outcome towards the end. I am going to WIN this war.

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