Prioritizing Life

One of my dear friend, classmate, ex-colleague and ex-roommate forwarded me an email, which clearly depicted the truth of life. The short story was in the language of “Hindi and I used Google Translator to convert it to English. after which I had to do few changes (Of course, Software are always dumber than us!). So , here it is:

When we want to do a lot of things quickly at the same time, when we desire to get everything rapidly, and we feel that twenty four hours a day is also a very less, we recollect this, ” A glass Jar and two cups of tea”. A professor of philosophy walks into a classroom to teach an important lesson of Life today. He places the glass jar on the table along with table tennis balls. He, then, begins to put a ball on by one as long as there’s no place left in the jar. He asks the students – Is the entire Jar full? The students say – “Yes”.

The Professor then starts filling the jar with small – small gravels slowly. He moves the Jar so that he can fill all the empty space possible. The professor asks again – “Is now the jar full?”. The students once again say – “yes”.

Now, the Professor gets his sand bag and start filling the jar with sand till the extent possible. Now the students sensed their immaturity. The professor asks again, It is now full, I guess, right? All said in one voice – “Yes, now it is completely full”. The professor then grabs two cups of tea from under the table and tries to fill into the jar. The tea slowly slips into jar slowly.

With a pause and serious voice, the professor says, “Students, you consider your life like this jar”. The most important part of your life are the table tennis balls namely God, family, children, friends, health and hobbies; the small gravel mean your job, car, house etc.; and the meaning of the sand and small – little things like useless, bad fight and quarrels. Now if we would have filled the jar with sand first, then there would not have been any place for the table tennis balls. In case we would have filled the jar with gravels, then probably sand could have find some place but there would not have been any place for table tennis balls, for sure.”

The Professor continues, “The same logic applies to life also. If we spend all our time and energy in small and unimportant things, it would destroy the important ones and we would not have any time for the most important people in our life. For the happiness of mind, it is important that you decide what to do. Play with your children play, water the garden, go for morning walk with your wife, throw useless stuff from home, do regular medical check – ups. Arrange your table tennis balls first, worry about them, they are the most important. First decide what is important, The rest is sand.”

The students listened carefully the professor. Suddenly one of them asks, “Professor, but ” What are those two cups of tea? The professor replies smilingly, “I was thinking why anyone did not ask this question?” and answered, ” No matter how much we feel that our life is full and satisfied, but here should be always be time to sit and drink two cups of tea with your special friends.”

Spread Love and try to create lives and not destroy. I, also, take this opportunity to pray for the troubled Indian students in Australia, who are reported to racist attacks recently and request everyone to maintain peace and love.

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