Reliance Fellowship Application Submitted

Well, this is almost a follow-up post to the yesterday’s post. Today, I submitted my application to the Reliance Fellowship at Stanford. I am feeling good with the overall application and I am quite optimistic. The only issue in the application could be “Financial Need” section. I accept that in terms of IT professionals in India, my earnings are bit on the higher side being working in the niece high end technological front in a leading MNC. So, I am having my fingers crossed and I hope everything will fall in line this year. The results will be declared on 1st July and if selected in 50 finalists, I could redeem the GMAT voucher given by the Fellowship program. Hence, I am going to wait till 1st July before finalizing my GMAT date. I guess it is going to be early August only. As for the application and the essay, on the personal front, I feel both shaped pretty well and I am optimistic about the outcome. So, let us wait till 1st July and I will update you about the status. I completely understand with the fact that there were about 2k applicants for the fellowship last year and Stanford is going to finalize just 50 out of them. The competition is stiff but I am prepared for it. So, you guys also pray for me and wish me luck. Also, I wish all the best to other applicants too.

– Deepak

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