Business Ethics Oath-A Marketing Gimmick?

Well, I thought I am not going to write anything today anymore after submitting my first application, even though it was for the fellowship. But I bumped into this article at New York Times. The article talks about corporate ethics and how B-schools like Harvard, Columbia and Wharton are stressing on the needs of the ethics and social responsibility in the corporate world. Now, I am bit confused about the whole fuss. Ethics, Integrity, Values are the individual heritage of an individual that defines its characters. I understand that a lot of current financial mesh is a result of irresponsible executives but do taking oath is the guarantee of no more irresponsible behavior. How many times have we sang our national anthem and national pledges in our life till date ad how many times at least we have tried to be honest with it? The answer lies within an individual and his/her character. No matter how many courses each school teach, no matter how many oaths do graduates take, finally it comes to the work that would decide the outcome. I have an example here to give. B-Schools look at various parameters while deciding admits from the pool of applicants. If one has ever browsed through various consulting websites and applicant/current/past blogs, everyone talks about community service as a strong criterion. Now, honestly, if one has to answer himself, how many of them do community service for the sake of their interest and how many of them do it just to get an admit into a elite school after getting a big GMAT score on their application. I am not going to comment on it but each one of us knows the truth. This is the first sign of the integrity, values and responsibility.

I am not here to criticize the application process but what I want to say is probably B-schools should concentrate on some time with spending with the incoming admits so that they can know them more as a human being. Such events should not get buried in the form of marketing gimmicks. Every individual graduate should feel the essence of his MBA degree an how far one can stretch this valuable degree to serve the people and the country better.

PS: This is a complete personal opinion and has nothing to do with any other individual’s opinion. I respect the integrity of every human being as an individual and respect his/her opinion.

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