How to Fix B-Schools-HBS

Harvard discusses in its blog “How to Fix Business Schools” and stresses on the importance of  “ETHICS”.

Very true, ethics is the just one of important things that one should look for a good human being but if the motive and purpose of the human being is not right, then nothing is going to bear right fruits. Though I am not an expert but I always strongly feel that the purpose of human being’s life is not money or his self life rather it is his motive and few things that he would like to do before he dies and leaves this holy world. When people ask to do soul search, we need to find out answers to few questions:

1. If I were to die tomorrow, what are the things I would have done by then?

2. If I were to die tomorrow, will I be dying happily with some satisfaction?

If the universities are going to find the soul of its students by sqeezing his/her soul, then the B-scholls will definitely be able to produce gems from the sea.

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