Research on the B-Schools

I came across a very good post about some metrics that one should follow while doing the research for the B-School.

According to Alex, the decision should be based on three metrics:

  • Business schools that can take you to wherever you wantare those schools that have the profile that is highly correlated with your future goals.
  • Business schools that you you are passionate aboutare those schools that you would be proud to carry its name on your CV. The psychology has a very important role here, and I definitely suggest listening to your inner voice / your gut feeling. Making decisions with high confidence, I think, makes these decisions smarter ones
  • Business schools that you have good chances to be accepted toacknowledge the reality.

I, personally, agree but I would still say probably the reasons for being passionateabout a certain Business school is the key here. It is like AIR that we need to breathe, without which we will die. If one is passionate about a B-School and is very clear of his reasons of being passionate, then thats it. One can always nail it down.

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