The first attempt to prep test1

Well, today I gave the first GMAT prep test after a long time and scored pathetically. I got 610 (Q47, V27). Verbal section continues to haunt me. I noticed the following errors in my approach:

1. I am not able to concentrate hard for the test duration.

2. I am still doing pretty badly in Reading Comprehensions; almost all of them went wrong in the test.

3. I was left with almost 15 min and 10 min in verbal and quantitative section respectively. It clearly shows that I am not managing my time properly and I need to fine tune my strategy further.

4. 30% of the questions that I attempted wrong were very close and I chose the wrong answer from the two options that I had in my mind as the answer. So, as usual LUCK does not support me, which does not surprise me at all.

5. In quantitative section, I bumped into a lot of standard deviation questions, all of them going wrong. I need to brush up the fundamentals of standard deviations and its relationship with the mean.

I am going to give the second test tomorrow and I hope that I could plan it well and get a good score for moral boost. I am feeling pretty low after so much hardship gone for some time. I will update you about the test tomorrow.

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