AWA 18

All groups and organizations should function as teams in which everyone makes decisions and shares responsibilities and duties. Giving one person central authority and responsibility for a project or task is not an effective way to get work done.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with the opinion expressed above? Support your views with reasons and/or examples drawn from your work or school experience, your observations, or your reading.

I completely agree that all groups and organizations should function as teams rather than giving a single person the entire authority. But to analyze the statement, we need to be more realistic and consider the following points before drawing a viable conclusion.

Firstly, teams are always more creative in their functioning. Every person thinks in a certain manner and it is natural for him to be bias to follow his thinking only. In such a scenario, he/she, if given central authority, thinks in doing a certain task in a single particular way only, which may not necessarily be the best way to do the task. On the other hand, teams can discuss and share the thoughts and ideas to finally adopt the best one among them or some combination of them. In this way, teams can be more creative and innovative.

Secondly, a project or task can be carried in a more efficient and better way than an individual can do. It is a well-known fact that dividing a bigger task into smaller tasks makes it to be more clear and easier to accomplish, thus, making the duration of the course generally faster. For example, while a single person may take a couple of days to paint a room, the same can be accomplished by a group in a couple of hours. Similarly, suppose if an individual is carrying out an important project and unexpectedly, he meets with an unfortunate accident, then the whole project gets stalled or dead unless someone else takes it to either start all over again or take some time to understand what has already been done, which might result in great loss of time and revenue to the organization.

Lastly, while the importance of a team cannot be ignored, at the same time, it is very necessary that someone should be able to lead a team, taking the responsibility that the team works in a right direction towards achieving its goal in the desired frame of time. For example, even though a team may be responsible for a certain project, an individual can lead a team for its accountability to their superiors, thus, ensuring a smooth flow of management of the activities within the organization.

Hence, there is no denial of the fact that a team can achieve extraordinary things in short period of time than an individual. But at the same time, a lead from the team can be made accountable for the successful completion of the project/task for proper functioning of an organization, which becomes very essential when an organization is very large.

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