2009 Resolutions

Well, this is a much awaited post from my side. This is going to be my first official New Year Resolutions. As promised, I don’t know to what extent I can follow them, but I am determined to follow them to the as far extent as possible. So here goes the list:

1. Got to take GMAT seriously to get an admission in a good US university. Studying MBA is a  must for me. I just need one opportunity and I am confident that I could leave a mark on this world business which can never be erased.
2. I want to quit India. Not because I don’t love it but I want to run away from the attitude of the society.
3. No marriage till I feel I am at a good place doing some good work. So, obviously 2009 is out of question now. Additionally, I am not a great fan of arranged marriages, so if it has to be then let it happen at its own time.
4. Try, try and try and never give up be it whatever the case. No matter how much I suffer, I am not going to give up.
5. I am going to be more aggressive in investing in shares.
6. Stop watching stupid Bollywood movies to the maximum extent.

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