Some cultures view life as a line, extending from point A to point B. Others view life  as a circle.

Explain which of these two views coincide with yours. If neither, what shape or form would you propose? Please explain.

I believe that my life have been the shape of a Ray, where even though it starts from a point, it just tries to extend itself more and more, with no limits. My belief is based on the following reasons.

Initially, my birth on this earth was the point of the ray, which starts its journey. From child, I have been moving around a lot of places within my country. I have done my schooling in almost 7 places, stretching the point of learning people of different cultures and extending friendships with them.

Then, after my education I taught people in my area about the latest software technologies, helping them learn the new developments of the IT field in our country. After 1 year, I stretched myself by taking up higher studies and extending myself to top the class in one of the semesters during my graduation. That was the time when I saw and met eminent personalities like Mr. Narayan Murthy who have stretched their lives for their dreams and betterment of the society. That helped me gain strength and believe in my capabilities and dreams. I dared to innovate a new course in my final semester, taking up a challenging task of the niche field of bioinformatics.

After working for almost a year now, yet again I stretched myself to go for my desire to do MBA from a reputable university, for which I am writing this exam, which can help me in realizing my dream of being a successful entrepreneur and lead the world towards a new dream.

I believe everyone comes in this world with a purpose but very few people tend to realize it. Life without a purpose is like wandering in a vast desert. Due to the dreams and the zeal to do something different, makes my life being a ray, which though having a start point can never end because I hope to leave behind some principles for somebody else to follow.


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