The German poet Goethe once wrote, “Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.”

Goethe’s statement could probably apply to schools, government, social services, business, even to families-any place, really, where people interact with each other. Is Goethe just expressing pretty-sounding, idealistic nonsense, or does his idea have real-life capability?

Based on your experience, observation, or reading, please comment on the usefulness of Goethe’s statement as a realistic guide to human relationships.

 I believe that Goethe’s statement has far reach real-life applicability rather than just being an idealistic nonsense due to the following three reasons.

Firstly, interaction is the important key to the communication in today’s world. People interact almost 24 hrs. in a day from home to workplace to shopping malls. Treating the people as they are makes them realize their value and gives the pride of being an essential part of one’s life, which in turn, helps in doing their respective jobs happily. Imagine a family where the husband refuses to acknowledge the sacrifices of his wife to run his family better, sometimes at the cost of her career.

Secondly, treating people according to their capability makes them know their true worth and hidden talents. For example, Indian Bollywood star Govinda, was once a vendor seller selling vegetables while dancing and singing to the famous songs simultaneously. People used to enjoy his way of selling stuffs, unless a famous film director, eventually ending up as a top Bollywood actor and now a responsible MLA, spotted him.

Thirdly, treating people of what they are helps in creating a friendly environment. If one would respect a daily sweeper of his commitment to keep the roads clean, the sweeper will be satisfied that people around him respects him and worth of his job.

Therefore, for all the above said reasons, I agree that one should treat people of what they can be and what their importance is, which can eventually help in a calm and happy prosperous living environment.

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