Adlai Steveson once commented, “It is often easier to fight for principles than to live up to them.”

Based on your reading, observation, or experience to what extent do you agree or disagree with Stevenson’s words? Please give examples that support your point of view.

I completely agree with Adlai Steveson’s statement that living a life for principles is much tougher than fighting for them due to the following three reasons.

Firstly, living a life with certain principles requires strength and courage to do so, especially during tough and rough weather. It requires people to believe in them and their beliefs more than their surroundings and environment. On the other hand, fighting always gives the flexibility of changing sides according to the circumstances. For example, it is much easier to protest some wrong doing of a senior manager in one’s organization and then fight for it but when the job comes at stake, the fighter can switch the side while the person with a living on principles may have to quit and go through the strenuous and harshness of jobless life.

Secondly, living a life on principles can make a person feel isolated and alienated from the  society with lot of other aspects of life like peace, happiness at stake. Consider a normal married person who loses his job due to protesting to some unethical practices of the management of his organization. He may have to go through the mental trauma of losing his beloved wife, children, relatives and friends.

Thirdly, people who live their life on values never compromising on the circumstances are the ones who change the course of the world and people who just fight and change their stands like a Chameleon with the change in the circumstances could never do so. All great people like Mahtma Gandhi have always lead the world with their principles and set examples for others to follow.

For the above said reasons, I strongly feel that a true-principled man lives his whole life for his values because he finds solace and heaven in them and achieves satisfaction from it, which is much tougher than just fighting for it because facing the consequnces of a certain action tests the real strength.

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