Certain schools of thought stress the value to the listener of having some practical experience of music. They suggest that even a rudimentary playing of the piano or some other instrument is better than reading a dozen books about music. There are those, however, who claim that even many concert pianists have only a limited understanding of what music is.

Do you agree with the claim that practical experience is a better teacher of music than learning about it from books? State your position using relevant reasons and examples from your own experiences, observations, or reading.

Practical knowledge is superior to the theoretical bookish knowledge. I strongly support that people with some rudimentary knowledge of playing instruments and knowledge of music can be better than those who don’t. There are various reasons for supporting the above said statement.

Firstly, there can be no denying the fact that people with some knowledge of music can appreciate its variations and types with the significance of instruments palyed in them. For example, for Indian classical music, flute can be soothing but for ROCK, the significance of electronic instruments cannnot be ignored at all. But the person who has no knowledge of what they could be, he could probably neither disntinguish nor appreciate them at all.

Secondly, even though there is no doubt that the very good concert artists might be having only a limited understanding of music, but one cannot deny the fact that they would have been better if they would have possed the knowledge of music.

Thirdly, people with limited knowledge will probably always try to stick to a particular rhythm and tone of the music in which they could feel comfortable and would never try to experiment, thus, bringing a complete stop to the creativity-the basic necessity of music.

Lastly, concert artists may be popular in certain area but they may not be necessarily famous with all the artists across the globe. For example, there is no necessity that concert artists with limited knowledge of certain mixing of certain genre of music may not be hired by famous artists for their performances as occassionally they may require instant audience reaction.

Therefore, I strongly support the artists with some elementary knowledge of music and playing the instruments to be a better and fast learner than those who just know few memorized words read from the music books.

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